Windows 10 2018: the forced entry of the phone number is a bug



                                                     Windows 10 2018: the forced entry of the telephone number is a bug


Among the developers of Windows 10 the year ends on a controversy that turns out to be finally a false alarm. The latest version of the test required users to enter a cell phone number to install.

Just before Christmas Microsoft was indeed proposing to the tester members of the program Insider a new version of Windows 10 stamped build 17063. It contains many evolutions of which some major like the functionality Timeline which allows the users to find a history of their activity or to take again a set of tasks more easily.

But it is during the installation testers have discovered a new screen requesting the addition of a mobile phone number. Problem on this one, no button to ignore this step is present. Sites like relayed the information but a Microsoft engineer quickly provided an explanation. This is indeed a bug, it was also listed in the bugs known but not corrected on the blog Microsoft.

This page may allow users who wish to add their mobile phone number during installation. An option that is also proposed recently in the settings of current versions of Windows 10 and offers for example the possibility of linking a smartphone and a PC to resume visiting a web page started on mobile.



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