Windows 10 April Update Comes Monday: How to Prepare Your PC Now

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Same procedure as every year, or the same procedure as twice a year. Microsoft delivers a new version of Windows 10 with the Windows 10 April Update. Most users get through the update process perfectly without any preparation. That's fine, but there are certainly plenty of problems again.

That will be the same with the upcoming April update at the end of April. The good news: You can arm yourself very easily and prepare for the Windows 10 April update. If you invest a few minutes now, you are ready on the deadline and can import the April update directly. If problems arise, then you have a quick solution ready. Sticking point 1 are preparatory updates.

Microsoft has released a major preparatory update (KB4093105) for Windows 10 users outside its patch day. It is explicitly referred to as a quality update and is intended to prevent, inter alia, that after importing the April update standard apps reappear, the users had previously deleted. So make sure you start Windows Update now and install all the important updates, otherwise the April update will not even appear on day X. Attention: If your pc has problems, you should solve them before the upgrade. Helpful for this is our Windows-Check.


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