Windows 7: Reinstall with Free ISO

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Against PC Frustration: New Windows 7 Installation Free

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You have a new PC, a notebook or even a cool Ultrabook? But the joy does not last long, because Windows 7 is littered with tons of preloaded trial software. With CHIP you get a fresh Windows.

PC and notebook manufacturers pack a lot of trial software on new Windows devices. These are usually virus protection for three months, office trial, sound tools, stripped down video players and and and. Instead of a quick Windows 7 you get a greasy system with a lot of leaping purchase offers. But you do not have to accept that.

Reinstalling Windows 7

There are two ways you can get a PC garbed with Trial software up and running again. Alternative 1: You are consistently avoiding. How this works, shows this workshop. Better alternative is in this case but alternative 2: You reinstall, because after all, are not yet important data on the new PC or notebook and the settings you have not yet adjusted. The problem with the reinstallation: Many manufacturers only provide a recovery disk, which restores exactly the original state, including trial software. Often, there is only one recovery partition that occupies even more space on your primary disk. It is best to install Windows from a clean system.

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ISO Image of Windows 7

You have legally acquired Windows 7 and a valid key, but you are missing the original installation DVD. No problem: You can, for example, lend an original DVD from a buddy and install it with your key. The important thing is that you also install the right edition. If you have purchased Windows 7 Home Premium, then you can only install this version with your key. As an alternative to the buddy's Windows 7 DVD, Windows 7 ISO images are available for download, which you can then activate with your key. Update: Unfortunately, Microsoft has severely restricted downloads since February 2015. How to get these free downloads shows the article.

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