Windows Key + Pause: This is now an important shortcut for Windows users


The Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities, which are in billions of processors, keep the technology world in suspense. After all, this is one of the most widespread security issues in IT history and all manufacturers are working to close the gap as quickly as possible.
Now the first tools and resources have been released that allow you to check for yourself how your Windows machine is ordered. Whether or not an Intel user is affected by the vulnerability in your processor, you can easily check it out on Intel's published list and then take action. For information about the security problem and tips on how to proceed, visit the manufacturer's Web site.

You do not know which processor is installed in your computer? Then you should take a look at the Windows system settings. The key combination Windows key (hold down) + pause opens the overview window of the system. Here you will find the built-in CPU.

In addition, there are now various tools that can check the protection status of Windows, that is, whether patches have been installed that help against the vulnerabilities.

Two ways How you can accomplish this, we would like to briefly introduce below. We also refer you to important updates at the end of this article that you should definitely install in a timely manner.


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