Windows Mobile 10 will no longer receive beta updates in the Insider program


For years, the only talks about Windows 10 Mobile are focused on the inevitable moment: when Microsoft will declare it "death." That time seems to be closer than ever, as company officials have confirmed that they will not launch test software updates for this Windows OS operating system. This suggests that there are no new planned functions or significant changes in the near future.

Windows 10 Mobile was supposed to be an operating system compatible with many of the desktop and tablet components, so it would normally have to get all the important updates. After Anniversary Update, which has delayed a little on the mobile platform, Microsoft has begun to crash updates and new testing versions of Windows Insiders. It seems, however, that this strategy has now been completely canceled.

Microsoft's mobile operating system has not even received Creators Update, which was offered in two phases on Windows 10, and the new statements made by Brandon LeBlanc, Program Manager at Windows Insider team, make users fear that the platform is approaching its inevitable end. Most likely, Microsoft will continue to offer software updates that fix security issues as long as the company has to provide software support, but at some point they will also cease to exist

Since last year, probably under 5 new smartphone models with Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft has dissolved the smartphone division two years ago, we can not talk about a "future" of this software platform.

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