Another way to fix any problems with the "Windows Update feature" is to use the Powershell script Reset Windows Update. Unlike the solution from Microsoft this is not an executable program but a script file that you need to execute with the help of Powershell. This must first of all be installed on your system or - since Windows 7, the program is an integral part of Windows. For older systems you can also install them manually.

Then you have to start Powershell as administrator. Next, you'll need to do some manual settings.

First, change "Execution Policy" to "unrestriced" and enter the following command: "Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted" - after successful To complete the action, you should reset the action with "Set-ExecutionPolicy restricted" . Now use the cd command to change to the folder where the script file is located, for example: "cd Users [Username] Downloads " . Now enter the command ". Reset-WindowsUpdate.ps1 " to run the script. You will now receive a security warning that you agree with a single click on "M". Thereafter, you will reboot your PC to complete the process.


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