Wipe Download Free New Version

Wipe Download Free New Version

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Wipe is a special private cleaning and maintenance software that can be used to delete not only browser history, but other previously installed applications as well as log logs that are discarded by Windows, invalid registry entries.

A simple and easy-to-use professional maintenance software to keep your Windows history safe and secure with the Wipe [195959003].

Wipe For a single interface, all features

When installing Wipe, there is a way to download additional add-ons from the developer's products and add it to our system, which is of course not optional, can be manually selected [19659003] After the first start, search will run automatically, the results can be viewed in a clear list, before you can delete what you want to undo and exclude. Wipe can retrieve the history of all the previously installed apps, of course it is also provided by browsers, supports Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer, Google Chrome browsers. In this area, you can empty the cache, delete the tracking cookies, cached Flash content.

One click to remove the log files from the previous clipboard history. For advanced users, under the settings menu, you can access additional fine-tuning options, but these values ​​are not important to change because they also provide optimum results with factory parameters. Directly here, there is a way to select a deletion procedure, thus preventing any data recovery. It is also a perfect help for freeing up. Professional Private Cleaner

Functionally provides many opportunities for CCleaner's maintainer. If we look at it thoroughly, we can compare it with Privacy Eraser Free .

Wipe provides you with the ability to release up to one click on a significant space on your hard disk, and delete file history that may involve data protection risks. Since it is also available in Hungarian, it is recommended for beginners.

Wipe Summary:

  • Maintenance, Private Cleaning Application
  • Cleaning Browsers
  • Optional Erase Method
  • Up to One-Click Usage
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  • for release
  • for deleting log files
  • English language
  • trial version ( DEMO )
  • Official page https://privacyroot.com/software/www/ en / wipe.php

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