Wise JetSearch Free Download

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Wise JetSearch Free Download  With Wise JetSearch, we gain access to enhanced search options, a professional file search application with multiple filtering options. This Free application is very easy to use.
Replacing the built-in file search feature of Windows with Wise JetSearch makes it a much easier method. The application can be accessed and run in a portable or deployable version.

It’s just about using it as a search keyword, or choosing a drive to get immediate results. It also has English language support, it may be necessary to manually select it after you start it. Provides quick search options. You can find the list of novelties here . If you do not want to install it, the Wise JetSearch Portable version is also available. Similarly Beneficial Services

Wise JetSearch is a special application that helps you find more searchable files in search, and is very popular in your category, and will not be a problem for beginners. Of course it can be used in Hungarian and free of charge.

Wise JetSearch Summary:

  • file search application

  • available in portable design

  • easy to use

  • selectable search areas

  • ] Freeware )

  • Official page for http://www.wisecleaner.com/index.html

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