With Save.TV the favorite shows are always with you

No commercial breaks, the complete program of over 40 public and private TV channels on the iPad, iPhone, MacBook and Apple TV 4 in the stream or even as a download. A service as a program guide, VCR and media library in one. How does it work?


First, you must specify which broadcasts you want to record. To do this simply select the desired series, documentation or the film with the Safe.TV app or website. Safe.TV does the rest automatically. With clever functions, Save.TV helps to get the most out of television: assignable channels for keywords or actors automatically record the appropriate programs - thanks to unlimited storage space.


The service will now record the selected program in HD for you and, if desired, even independently remove commercial breaks. You do not have to set an alarm or cumbersome recording devices program.


The finished footage will then be directly available as stream for example in the XL package for 30 days or can be downloaded and viewed offline. Apps for the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and the Apple TV 4 are available.

Try Save.TV for Two Months for Free

Mac-Life readers now have the exclusive option to test Save.TV for two months for free and then get 50% off to get the follow-up package. This time the discount applies not only to the Save.TV package XL 12 but also to the XL 24, XXL 12 and XXL 24 packages.

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