Writing with Siri on the iPhone – It’s so easy

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Last summer, Apple announced on the WWDC iOS 11 and all sorts of new features. A special feature was lost: You can not only speak with Siri, but Apple’s voice assistant now responds to text input. In many situations, this feature can be useful, for example, in public places such as a library. We will therefore show you how to activate and use the function.

Actually, Siri is a language assistant If Apple’s digital helper did not understand you correctly, then you can improve your command with “Typing for editing” with text input for some time now, since iOS 11. The entire command can be entered directly as text the function deep in the menu Unlike the usual settings for Siri, the feature is not in “Settings Find “Siri & Search”.

To write to Siri, open the Settings app and go to General> Accessibility> Siri. Drag the slider next to “Write Siri” to the right to activate the feature. Now, if you hold down the side key to start Apple’s wizard, you can now write to it instead of talking.

When writing with the wizard, always press Done to submit your command. As an alternative to writing, you can either re-enable the voice commands or use the dictation function so that “write to Siri” can remain activated. Simply tap the microphone icon, dictate your command and then send it off in the usual way.

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