The sparrows have been whistling from the rooftops for a while: at this year's WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) in San Jose, Apple was solely concerned with software , Finally. Actually, we try to look at Mac Life of "finally", swinging in it but also always with, that Apple could have made better use of the past time. This time, however, a number of features have been introduced that many people have long been waiting for

Craig Federighi is the first to be able to delight the attending developers just as much as watching users from Apple's devices. iOS 11 even runs on 2013 iPhone with the iPhone 5s. The same will apply to iOS 12 - except that iOS 12 will run significantly faster. For individual tasks up to twice as fast. This is a gigantic step for Apple, as it was in the last few years and quite concretely in this year in disrepute advised to let old devices "intentionally" slower to further increase the iPhone sales. This accusation has never been particularly intelligent, but Apple's PR behavior in this causa is not always so. So much the better that you openly confront these allegations with iOS 12.

AR, Siri, Self-Control

In addition to a significant increase in performance, Apple continues in terms of iOS 2018 especially on three points: Augmented Reality (AR) is the big growth theme. Here Apple suspects the future and probably not wrongly. Already Apple offers, according to Adobe, the most powerful AR platform ever and it sends itself to expand this lead not. For example, AR Kit 2, the associated developer package, will include multi-user functionality. Consequently, the big AR demo ... is a game. A funny, a Lego well implemented, but still ... a game. I still do not think that the future of gaming is that several people are facing an iPhone or iPad to marvel at a virtual game board. Time to see that it really works, yes. But constantly? Why not go one step further and let everyone share in their shared AR pleasure from home?

Despite this relatively meaningless tech demo, it's clear that AR is a big topic. In the first step for helpful additional information on iPhone screens, in the second step in a new, decent generation of data glasses à la Google Glass.

Siri is the big apple problem child. With a gigantic lead over the actually not even existing competition started, one lost one's advantage at breakneck speed, which strikes less on the Smartphone, than with smart loudspeakers. With iOS 12, Apple (finally!) Seems to have found the turbo button and tries to intercept Google and Amazon again. This is mainly done via "shortcuts" and "suggestions". The first is phrases that can be defined in apps, which can be used to start single or combined actions. The intelligence to Apple has recently shopped with the app "Workflow" and the underlying developers. So there will also be a shortcuts app, so to speak "Worflow 2.0".

Suggestions, on the other hand, is largely a replica of what the Google Assistant has been offering for some time: compile information proactively and present it at the right time.

The absolute killer apps "Stocks", "Voice Memos "And" News "(the latter will not continue to exist as a German-language stand-alone app) should be kept a marginal note and does not deserve" finally ". The revision of iBooks, which is now called "Apple Books", maybe earlier. In any case, however, the first true new CarPlay feature for years: Apple finally allows third-party navigation applications. FINALLY! Too bad that Navigon has just pulled the plug of their own smartphone apps. Whether this move may bring the Würzburg Apple to rethink? After all, they still have the best navigation app on the grid.

In addition to a few other gimmicks, such as new Animoji figures and the reintroduction of the Memojis (digital versions of one itself), Apple devotes itself to another 12 really meaningful innovations with iOS 12.

Thus the non-disturbing mode is well drilled. There is now a separate version for bedtime, so that when a nightly look at the iPhone, although the time is displayed, received messages but not. At least as important is that you can (finally!) Control how long the non-bother mode should remain active - based on time or location.

With "Screen Time" Apple introduces a new app one that shows you (finally?) how much time you spend with the iPhone in your hand, um, spends. Detailed statistics should show how often you pick up the device, what you do with it, which apps generate the most alerts, and much more. Consequently, "Screen Time" can also be used to restrict its own iPhone usage and, for example, to allocate time quotas for individual apps. After an hour of Instagram a day is finally over. (Parents can also configure that for the iPhones of their children and demand corresponding reports.)

The watch remains a watch, the set-top box a set-top box

Little news awaited us in the camp of Apple Watch and Apple TV. Again a little less relevant for the German market. Above all, watchOS 5 has worked behind the scenes to improve the detection and accurate measurement of activities. But several people burned 2.3 million calories in the test center, giving Apple the largest biometric database of its kind.

Friends with an Apple Watch can now challenge each other to 7-day competitions. Those who gain more fitness points during this period will win.

In addition to music, the Apple Watch can now also stream podcasts directly via LTE. Unfortunately, only via Apple's own podcast app that still misses the much needed update.

The most important thing about the Apple TV is reported right at the beginning: the 4K model has Apple a 50 percent growth in sales over the previous year brings the company's business so well. The only announcement relevant to the German market is the introduction of the integration of Dolby Atmos - but of course you need the corresponding audio hardware.

Finally out of the mountains

After four years, Apple's development team in the Californian mountain regions (Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra), one dares in 2019 (finally!) on new terrain: macOS 10.14 Mojave. A desert, then. This should not be emblematic of what awaits us with the operating system update. Above all, Apple does not give up on a real "crowd pleaser" this year and supplies macOS (at last!) With a dark fashion, which was to be expected after the presentation of the dark iMac Pro.

Otherwise expect Mac owners especially many detail improvements. For example, in the Finder, with Quick Look or the screenshot tool, which can now also record videos.

A fat "finally" earned otherwise the long overdue revision of the Mac AppStore, which now works a bit more like the current version of the iOS app store, which will lead to more acceptance among users. For developers, there seems to be nothing new in terms of Mac AppStore, so it remains to be seen whether the Exodus will continue, or whether more developers see the AppStore as an opportunity again.

Apple scores with certainty

Privacy is a top priority at Apple. And not only, but especially since Edward Snowden in 2013 with his revelations the world - unfortunately only briefly - shocked. After installing macOS Mojave, you must explicitly allow apps to access your microphone, camera, or personal information such as chat history or emails.

Safari protects you better from the tracking ambitions of sites where to give less information about the system to the outside and some even explicitly conceal it, so it will be harder for trackers to track you across multiple websites.


Apple had to in the past few years take a lot of beating. Often cope, often in an exaggerated way. What is certain, however, is that recent discontent has spread in the ranks of the Apple fans. Too many small or bigger blunders were allowed.

It's good that Apple takes a breather and fixes on everything that has been missed and fixes mistakes in 2018.

WWDC 2018 was one to our taste, with a clear focus and a clear promise. Apple should be similar structured approach to the upcoming hardware innovations this year, then we have an interesting second half in the house!

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