Xbox Live: Some services are down, Microsoft is working



                                                     Xbox Live: Some services are down, Microsoft is working


Since last night, players on Xbox who use Xbox Live services may have had problems using certain games and features. Microsoft says it is working on a solution but some services are still down.

The degree of unavailability may vary by country. For example, the Gamespot site stated that in the United States the content purchase features were out of service for a few hours and this still seems to be the case according to the Xbox status page. Through the Xbox Support Twitter account Microsoft acknowledged the problem and indicated that its equipped were at work to restore the situation.

In France the impact seems to be less but very present. On the Xbox Live status page this morning we note that "Call Of Duty Black Ops II" players who use an Xbox One or Xbox 360 have a limited service. The rest of the services do not seem affected for the hexagon.

In a more recent message on the Twitter account Microsoft noted however that the situation was restored but the status pages show that there are still some problems to adjust. No explanation has been given about the origin of this failure, players can follow the progress of work on this page.



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