Xiaomi comes officially in Europe and the United Kingdom


Xiaomi is internationally renowned for its low-priced smartphones, and has become a truly innovative mobile device market in the past few years, with increasingly bold designs in a saturated market of similar outdoor phones. The company has grown into new markets in recent years, with the launch of its products in India being an important step, but now the Chinese manufacturer is heading westwards, with Europe and the UK listed

The company announced that its products will be available in England soon. The first confirmed partners are Three UK, the telecom operator belonging to Hong Kong's CK Hutchison Holdings conglomerate and the A.S.Watson chain of stores. Xiaomi has not yet revealed what other products besides smartphones will go west, but China also sells televisions, home appliances, laptops and cameras under its brand. Probably not all of them in Europe, but now there will be an official presence there will not be too many hindrances to the import of other Xiaomi products.

The presence of Xiaomi on the European continent is not exactly new. There have already been a few Mi Store stores in cities like Barcelona, ​​but nowadays its products will also be sold in Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy and Sweden through the 3 Group stores and in the Netherlands through the Fortress, Superdrug and Kruidvat stores belonging to ASWatson.

Even Tom Malleschitz, chief digital officer of Tree UK, suggests that several Xiaomi devices will be available in stores besides smartphones:

"We looked at Xiaomi's success remotely and we are impressed by the wide range of connected devices it offers. The partnership will ensure that another top brand will be present in our smartphone offering, which opens the door to new and innovative products that we can offer to customers Three in the future. "

Xiaomi also targets the US market with a launch at the end of 2018 or early 2019. Considering America's response to brands such as Xiaomi and ZTE, this release is likely to be a bit more complicated than in Europe .

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