Xiaomi could buy GoPro


Despite the fact that GoPro makes some of the best products in the market in their category, the company fails to enjoy the success of another time. Following the cancellation of the Karma dump and the "cleanliness" made in the offer of action rooms, the company announced that it will license the proprietary technology to other partners. It seems, however, that a sale of the company is not out of the question, and Xiaomi, a rival in the action room market, may be interested in the acquisition

GoPro's value has fallen from $ 10 billion just a few years ago to about 761 million today. Thus, the sale price could not possibly exceed one billion dollars, but it is a low price compared to what purchases have been made in the past few years for products or companies with a slightly lesser brand than GoPro

Sources close to Xiaomi say the Chinese giant is interested in acquiring the GoPro technology and brand, but would like to pay a "fair" price without offering too much extra money besides the stock market value. This information comes from The Information, which reported in the past information that was subsequently verified about the Chinese technology industry

Following rumors claiming that Xiaomi would be interested in buying GoPro, GoPro shares rose 8.8 percent on the stock exchange at $ 5.30 per share, the highest increase in the past two months. Xiaomi develops the Yi Action Camera cameras, comparable in performance to GoPro and very popular in China, which are available online at much lower prices than the HERO range

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