Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s with clipping on display appears in a video [VIDEO]

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Over the past two years, smartphone manufacturers have begun to pursue the removal of edges around the screen, with different approaches, more or less aesthetically pleasing. The Mi MIX series from Xiaomi started this race, and all this seems to adopt an interesting design with a cut in a unique place. Mi MIX 2S seems to give up a corner of the screen where it houses the front camera. This is not the first time we find out about this, but it's the first time we see the phone in freedom in a video.

A unit of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S seems to have escaped from the manufacturer's factories and fixed in the hands of a user who did not stop filming the phone and publishing the clip on the internet. It seems to be equipped with a screen that extends across the front of the device, the only missing point being the top right corner of the display where the front camera is located

Since Mi MiX 1 and Mi MiIX 2 positioned the front camera at the bottom of the device, requiring the whole phone to rotate for a video call or a selfie, moving the camera is a big plus. Of course, the cropping on the display is not exactly happy, but until the cameras can be placed beneath it, there is a necessary compromise.

Other companies like Vivo suggest hiding the camera inside the phone, leaving it automatically when it's needed, but a mechanical system of this kind is expensive to produce and can collapse faster than a normal camera

Other leaks on Mi MIX 2S suggest a camera at the bottom edge of the device in a central position. We will learn more about the new Xiaomi flagship in the near future, as Mi MIX 2S is expected to launch in the very near future

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