Xperia XA2, Xperia XA2 Ultra and Xperia L2


Sony introduced three new smartphones in the CES 2018. These are Xperia XA2, Xperia XA2 Ultra and Xperia L2.

The three smartphones have a new design, but not much different than the Omnibalance used by the company over the last four years. I draw attention to two elements: the edges are very narrow and the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back.

Models in the XA2 family are aimed at self-interested enthusiasts. The Xperia XA2 has a front camera of 8 MP, and the Xperia XA2 dual camera (16 MP + 8 MP), both with a wide angle of 120 degrees

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The Xperia XA2 features a 23-megapixel 23-megapixel camera, capable of recording at 4K quality. The terminal also features a full HD 5.2 inch diagonal chipset Snapdragon 630, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage and 3,300 mAh battery with fast charging technology (requires a UCH12W fast charger) The Xperia XA2 will be available in single-SIM and dual-SIM and in the shades: silver, black, blue and pink

The Xperia XA2 Ultra has a dual front panel (16 MP + 8 MP) with optical image stabilization. enables 4K slow motion movie quality. The display on this model has a diagonal 6 inches and Full HD resolution. Snapdragon 630 hipset, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage, and 3.580 mAh battery. The Xperia XA2 Ultra will be available in single-SIM and dual-SIM versions in four colors: silver, black, blue and gold

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<p> The Xperia XA2 and the Xperia XA2 Ultra have a microSD card slot with a maximum capacity of 256 GB </p>
<p> 5.5-inch diagonal screen, 3.300 mAh battery, 13MP main camera (plus front, self-tapping, 8MP), 3GB RAM, and 32GB internal storage capacity. available in single-SIM and dual-SIM versions and in three colors: black, gold and pink </p>
<p> Xperia XA2 and Xperia XA2 Ultra launch with Android 8.0 OreoT and Xperia L2 launches with Android 7.1.1 The models will be available globally at the end of January 2018.  </p>
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