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Verizon’s daughter Oath has announced that Yahoo Messenger is on the 17th. The company is redirecting users to its new group messaging application, Squirrel, and it’s interesting to note that Squirrel is still in the private beta phase, and it’s unk Whether the service will be open to the public before Google Messenger shuts down next month. There would be no substitute for Yahoo Messenger. If you want to see Squirrel, you can try to get an invitation at

The Messenger, like many Yahoo products, was a breakthrough service that was later surpassed by the competition. How many users of the messenger still has Yahoo did not reveal. But competitors such as WhatsApp and Telegram may have finally drained the service.

Over the past 20 years, hundreds of millions of people have used the service, the company said. Oath said the Yahoo ID remains intact for other services like Mail and Fantasy Sport.

Those who do not notice the shutdown have half a year left to download their chat history from Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo said that the shutdown of Messenger will allow it to focus on developing new means of communication “better tailored to the needs of consumers.”

So slowly, all former Yahoo services are being shut down. AIM was deactivated a year ago.

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