"You will only grow if they want!"


The woman who opened the fire Tuesday afternoon at the YouTube video platform in San Bruno, California had an online presence that was hard to ignore. YouTube's YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook accounts included content of any kind, from dance and fitness tips to commentary on politics and vegan style

Nasim Aghdam was 39 years old and often criticized the YouTube network, which would "devalorize" some channels. Moreover, the attacker suspected that the platform would "sabotage" and this would be the reason why he has fewer video views

Aghdam was involved in some kind of acidic political speech, writes Business Insider. "Pay attention! Dictatorship exists in all countries in all its forms! ", Warns this on a site.

On the other hand, her Instagram account had 16,000 followers before it was closed. "There is no equal opportunity to grow on YouTube, you will grow only if they want it!", Commented the woman who opened the fire at YouTube's headquarters

Prior to the violent act, Aghdam, a resident of San Diego, traveled from South California to San Bruno. The woman hurt three people and then committed suicide by using a gun. A fourth person suffered injuries that were not caused by that weapon. On Tuesday, the investigators assumed that the armed incident occurred after a quarrel between the woman and her boyfriend working on YouTube. This would have nothing to do with any international terrorist network.

Subsequently, the San Bruno police made a statement indicating that they were still investigating the motivation of this criminal act. "There is no clue that the aggressor knew the victims or targeted someone in particular," police said.

Several sources in the American press have said Aghdam disappeared a few days before attacking YouTube. For example, Mercury News, a San Jose publication, wrote that the woman's father, Ismail Agham, complained that the woman was sad

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