YouTube Adds Dark View Mode And Android Application Interface

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Although it is the owner of both platforms, Google is not in a hurry to implement the latest features in the YouTube version of the DarkMode, a highly regarded interface theme in the web browser version, which is now only in the mobile application

The script is recurring, many of the improvements to the YouTube service reaching the iOS version of the app first. The explanation, simpler than it may seem, is how Google has chosen to prioritize the expansion of services in the Apple ecosystem, devoting more resources to iOS application development

More comfortable for using the application at night , the YouTube Dark theme changes the white background with a gray shade and fits the color of the text rendered to get an optimum level of visibility.

Another novelty is to adapt the app for a better (19459004)

The new version of YouTube for Android, with the Dark Mode option included in the General Settings menu, is gradually distributed, with the exception of the 16: 9 aspect ratio, it may take several days for the update to be available in the Play Store.

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