YouTube for iOS now available with Dark Mode

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At the latest with the iPhone X Apple would actually have a Dar To introduce k mode for iOS. Especially through the new OLED display can be saved with a dark appearance neat battery. For this reason, several developers already offer their apps with such a feature. Now joins Google’s subsidiary YouTube and now published a dark design. This “dark design” has been rolled out since yesterday evening slowly for more and more users. Previously, the company had already conducted initial tests on the website last year. At that time, the design was activated by a command – but the setting was not applied to the app.

If you are now looking at the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad and can not see the dark appearance, you should first close and restart the app completely via the app switcher. Normally you should then be informed of the feature at the next start. If this is not the case, tap on your account in the upper right corner and then select the entry “Settings”. Right at the top you should be offered the option “Dark Design”.

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