YouTube introduces premieres, subscriptions to channels and personalized product stores

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YouTube is a true giant of the internet, being the primary source of video streaming over 1.9 billion users with active accounts each month. However, many content creators have expressed their dissatisfaction over the past few years with the way the platform works and with the treatment they receive from YouTube. However, it seems that grievances have been heard and YouTube is now trying to create new ways to make money.

The new monetization methods are neither new to the online content creation industry nor original, rather borrowed from other similar companies. For example, YouTube channels with over 100,000 subscribers will be able to start subscribing for money. Thus, subscribers can pay $ 5 a month to get access to exclusive content in the form of exclusive clips or community feeds, access to personalized chat emoji and other "benefits". This function has already existed on Twitch for a long time and has become the main source of revenue for many streamers.

YouTubers in the United States will also have access to a virtual store of personalized items. This will be done through a partnership between YouTube and Teespring and will ensure the sale of t-shirts, cups, pillows and other such items with the logo, graphics or any other channel specific messages. These objects will appear on the YouTube page and will be available for channels with over 10,000 subscribers

Finally, YouTube channels with 10,000 subscribers will also get access to the "premieres" feature that does exactly what they suggest. Basically, you can publish a pre-recorded video as a live stream, with the entire community being able to watch it simultaneously. Livestream will also integrate a live chat, where fans could already pay a sum to youtuber to display the comments above in the list. These Super Chats can also be applied on premieres. The advantage of the premieres is that a page will be automatically generated before the livestream starts, in order to have enough time to gather many fans.

Of course, not all of these features will be available to all content creators around the world. For personalized products, YouTube will have to make partnerships with several companies around the world, a process that will take a long time

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