YouTube Remix will replace Google Play Music and YouTube Music. The experience will be "inspired" by Spotify

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No company apart from Google has the habit of launching so many similar services and then shutting them down. It seems that Google Play Music and YouTube Music will be the "victims" to make room for a new streaming service called YouTube Remix. The launch of this service should provide continuity to those who already have subscriptions and purchases on the other two services and to replace them completely by the end of the year

Google Play Music and YouTube Music were so similar at the time of launch, that their bookstores were common and that monthly subscriptions were inter-compatible. So the teams have been united a while ago and together they have developed the new YouTube Remix platform, which, although not officially announced, does not even bother to deny its existence

In fact, the YouTube statements offered to the Droid Life site on the merging of Play Music and YouTube Music teams suggest that they will be released as a single unitary service:

"We announced before combining YouTube Music and Google Play teams. Music is very important to Google, and it's critical to have a product that suits the needs of users and artists. Nothing will change for users today and we will provide details in advance before the changes take effect. "

Rumors about YouTube Remix suggest that the service will be more streaming-oriented and offer an experience comparable to Spotify. If this means giving custom preference-based playlists, having a free version, and consuming little data traffic on your mobile, Spotify may be in difficulty, as YouTube Remix could become one of Google apps that come with every Android phone on the market

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