YouTube will add "Incognito" browsing mode to mobile app


Available for a long time in Chrome, "Incognito" mode will also be downloaded into the YouTube for Android app, giving users the ability to access YouTube clips and pages without the activity being displayed in the browsing history


Currently on the test stage, the Turn on Incognito option will appear in the Account section, activating the avatar symbol present in the upper right corner of the interface.

Easier to access than the similar feature in Chrome browser, Incognito mode involves temporary exiting from the already logged-in user account, so we can not see the playlists and the pages we subscribed to. In addition, we will not be able to leave comments on the videos you watch.

In this way, Incognito mode is completely anonymous, the only clue left by accessing a clip is counting the view on its page

When you disable Incognito mode, the previously used YouTube account is automatically re-authenticated without the user password being requested

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