YouTuber Supports Apple with VR Solution for Autonomous Vehicles

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The direction in which the Apple Car project is developing is not clear. However, every now and then details come to light. Sometimes it is a fleet of self-driving vehicles that Apple employees should commute between the locations of the company in Silicon Valley. Then the iPhone should be used as a car key in the future and now it goes in the report at Variety to Mark Rober. The inventor known through his YouTube channel becomes the inventor.

The Immersive Virtual Display is a system of screens called the US Patent. The patent specification indicates that this VR screen system should prevent the nausea known as motion sickness in the car. Real and virtual elements should be shown simultaneously to allow the passenger in the moving vehicle a pleasant ride.

At the same time in the graphics of the patent but also a VR headset to see. This could be a moderate sensation, because it confirms that Apple is working on a VR headset. The patent was filed in September 2017, issued and published in March. But only now Variety can connect to Apple.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mark Rober works for a company he does not want to name. It can therefore be assumed that Rober has been tinkering with his display system in the Apple Auto Team for three years.

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