ZenFone 5 has better room than Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, HTC U11 and Google Pixel


ASUS Smartphones have not been up to date with photo capture champions, providing basic features and average performance. However, it seems that the new ZenFone 5 rises far beyond its predecessors and even over other devices in the mid-range premium range, positioning itself in the DxOMark top of models such as iPhone 7, Xperia XZ Premium, LG V30, Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel 1.

Of course, the smartphones mentioned above are models launched in the last two years, but each one of them was first in the top spot at launch. Moreover, the HTC U11 has been the first place last year for a short period, and Google Pixel still offers very good performance. The first model immediately above ZenFone 5 is the iPhone 8, a nearly double-priced smartphone

It seems that photo performance is the one that raises this phone so high, being equipped with a dual-camera system. The main sensor is a model SONY IMX 363, quite popular among the flagship models in recent years, equipped with a f / 1.8 lens. The secondary sensor used for ultra-wide shooting and shooting comes with an 8 megapixel sensor and a f / 2.0 lens. The latter is also used for the bokeh effect in "portrait mode."

But at the shooting scene, ZenFone 5 seems to disappoint, with images losing sight of details, especially in low light. Also, focus is inconsistent, especially when the camera is moved during movie shooting.

However, ZenFone 5 is the only mid-range premium smartphone in the top DxOMark ranked so high (11th). The next mid-range model in the top is barely Vivo X20 Plus, which has an identical aggregate score (90 points) but is positioned three steps below the HTC U11. The bad news is that ZenFone 5Z, the company's premium model, will not be able to climb higher in this top because the camera system is identical between the two models

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