ZKZM-500 may be the first laser assault weapon used by the Chinese armed forces

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China may be the first country to benefit from laser firearms. According to an article published on the South China Morning Post website, a laser weapon called the ZKZM-500, the size and weight of an AK-47, is already in production and is about to reach the armed police force in China to be used in hostage rescue operations, counterterrorism and stopping illegal protests. While the weapon can burn the skin and the targets of the targets, it is considered a non-lethal weapon.

ZKZM-500 is a weapon developed by the ZKZM laser company. It weighs three kilograms, has a range of 1000 shots (uses lithium batteries), has a range of 800 meters and can be used both by hand as an ordinary assault weapon, but can also be mounted on vehicles like cars, planes or boats. The weapon is completely silent, and the laser is invisible to the human eye, so it can be used as a weapon for infiltration operations

The same article claims that the ZKZM-500 can drill a fuel tank to ignite its contents, but as it is a silent weapon, the action could be considered an accident by the targets

Researchers who have worked on weapon development claim that this can cause skin charring in just two seconds as long as a single "fire" lasts, and the pain is extreme for the target. They argue that the weapon could be improved to become fatal since the first fire, but this would contravene the United Nations protocol on laser weapons that can cause blindness, signed by 100 countries. While ZKZM-500 can not kill a single fire repeated fire exposure can kill the target either by burning his clothes or by exposing the same skin repeatedly to the laser beam, who could "cut" through his body

According to the SCMP, a document about these laser weapons that was published on the Chinese army's website suggests that illegal protests could be stopped by targeting banners to ignite them or targeting speeches leaders to stop them from talking

If this whole story sounds SF, it probably is. The weapon has not been demonstrated in any way in public. S information about this is the specifications published about a month ago and the statements of the researchers given under the protection of anonymity. Already there are voices claiming that a portable weapon powered by rechargeable lithium-based rechargeable batteries could not have such power.

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