ZTE announces partnership with Taboola, its phones will be delivered with a pre-installed news feed


ZTE has tried to penetrate the Western market with strong devices at lower prices than competition, in the past few years, with Axon and Nubia being among the most exciting of the "premium premium" category. It seems that the strategy did not work, and now the Chinese manufacturer announces a partnership with Taboola, an online content provider that will install a news app on its devices

Taboola is known in the online space as an article distribution system, mainly with attractive titles, to convince users to quickly click. The Taboola business model is monetizing the ads shown on those articles by paying publishers or companies that integrate this system into their site or device based on clicks generated

Integrating Taboola's content news app on ZTE devices could bring the Chinese manufacturer a lot of extra money in addition to the cost of the phone, if users often use the app. Surely, the app will be able to draw attention through notifications. In addition, instead of Google Now, in a glance from left to right in the main menu, a Taboola news stream will be available, near the weather and other advertisements.

This is not the first time we see the integration of paid content or ads on smartphones, Amazon offering cheaper versions of budget devices that displayed ads on the lock screen. The disadvantage in this case is that Taboola can also be a source of "fake news", the content published on the platform is rarely verified

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