ZTE Nubia Z18S Solves Selfie Problems on Borderless Phones By Removing Full Front Camera

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The emergence of smartphones with full edge screens has led to the drive for innovation from some of the companies. While Vivo chose to use a "mechanical" front camera that can be hidden when not in use, OPPOs preferred to create a sliding system for the top of the phone, which hides all rooms . ZTE seems to have a different solution that does not involve moving parts, but could lead to an increased price.

An image with a phone called ZTE Nubia Z18S appeared on the Internet in China. This model has not been announced beforehand, and rumors have so far only been talking about a new Nubia Z18, a rather "ordinary" model. What we see in the picture is a borderless and cut-out smartphone that offers on the back a smaller, full color display that can be used as a "mirror" for making selfies.

Integration of a back-side display is not exactly a new concept, such as Yota in Russia and Meizu in China offering such models in the past. The Nubia Z18S does this not because of the need to differentiate itself with a different design, but because there is no place on the front to fit a front camera. Thus, in order to ensure compatibility with video call applications and self-portraits, such a technological effort was needed

Interestingly, however, the screen can be used in many ways. For example, it can display the exact time permanently, it can be completely closed or it can be used to open applications installed on the phone, basically a "mirror" and the front screen. However, its diagonal is smaller. But surely, this phone will offer something that many other devices on the market can not guarantee: high quality selfies, as the main camera is used for this type of photography

We do not know when the Nubia Z18S will be launched or at what price. In fact, ZTE's entire future is still uncertain, as the embargo on US technology has not yet been fully resolved. But if last year's model for the launch is followed, we may see a Nubia Z18 normal before an improved "S" model.

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