5G telecommunication networks will not be widely adopted by operators before 2020, but ZTE hopes to have devices compatible with the new standard on the market from next year. The Chinese manufacturer has recently begun not to compete with other smartphone makers, making more "special" devices, and the launch of the first 5G phone from the market would surely attract a few glances

The first 5G networks will probably start at the end of 2018 or early 2019 in a few countries. Coverage will be limited initially, with perhaps only large cities being able to deliver new high transfer rates. In the United States, AT & T and Verizon operators say they will have operating networks during the current year, but in addition to ZTE, no other manufacturer has made any announcements about integrating a 5G modem into a smartphone

Given that the United States is likely to lead the first wave of adoption of 5G technology, it is curious how ZTE will try to be present when launching it with a compatible device. The US is trying to ban Huawei and ZTE devices and puts pressure on operators not to accept such smartphones in their product offerings. Recently, AT & T gave up an agreement with Huawei for the distribution of Mate 10 Pro along with a service contract.

Whatever the case, ZTE gets the attention she wants with this announcement, but a 5G smartphone will probably be quite "normal" for the rest. The company's latest attempt to stand out was ZTE Axon M, a two-display, foldable smartphone that can be used for both multitasking and tablet

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