ZTE was sanctioned by the US for the sale of US technology to Iran and North Korea

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China's smartphone and telecom equipment maker ZTE has admitted to the United States Department of Commerce that he has violated the embargo against Iran and North Korea by supplying equipment that uses technology developed by US companies to these countries. As a result, the company will also be subjected to a seven-year embargo that will have significant effects on its smartphones.

ZTE will no longer be able to use hardware or software developed by American companies over the next seven years. Thus, their smartphones will no longer be able to use Intel or Qualcomm processors, while devices will no longer be eligible for Google Certification to integrate Google Play Services. This will not stop the development of Android smartphones, the software being open source. Also, many of the ZTE models sold in China are based on MediaTek chipsets

Unfortunately, the high-end smartphone series such as Axon or Nubia will suffer as they were international versions equipped with Qualcomm high-end chipsets and Android operating system with Play Services. Most likely, these models will disappear from the Western market, only to be available in China with processors from another manufacturer.

In addition to this embargo, ZTE will also pay a $ 1.19 billion fine to the United States and has agreed to abide by strict export ban rules if the terms of that decision are not met, or it is proven that export laws have been violated again, the company will be banned for seven years for export outside of China.

On this occasion, we may say "goodbye" to the ZTE Iceberg concept, the first smartphone with two cutouts in the display

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